Going Thai: What I ate in Bangkok

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

It’s been a month since I went to Bangkok, Thailand. I already shared with you the Thai tea I had each day that I was in Bangkok, read about them here. Now I’d like to share with you different foods and drink I had while in Bangkok and also some of our pictures in Bangkok.

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Tea Time Tuesdays: Thai Iced Tea


I was in Bangkok, Thailand two weeks ago for three days. As a tea lover, I promised myself that I would drink “cha-yen” commonly known as Thai iced tea or Thai milk tea everyday that I am in there. I was there for three full days and I did fulfill my promise.

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Fab Food Finds Fridays: Serenitea’s Thai Pepper Chicken Chop

Serenitea New Snacks

(image grabbed from Serenitea’s Facebook page)

Serenitea recently launched new snacks which got me so excited since I love their Chicken Chop and Pepper Tofu.

The new snacks include:

Chicken Chop: Western, Formosa, Thai Pepper
Chicken Wings: Mexican Spice, Oriental Spice, Italian Spice
Corn Sticks: Cheese, Curry, Wasabi

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Christmas Lunch at Jatujak Thai Restaurant, SM Mall of Asia

After hearing mass at Shrine of Jesus on Christmas day, my family and I headed over to SM Mall of Asia to eat lunch. Since we didn’t want to eat at another Filipino restaurant, we decided to eat at Jatujak Thai Restaurant.

We ordered Tom Yum with Mixed Seafood for our soup. I like describing Tom Yum soup as a Thai version of Sinigang since both dishes are sour. Jatujak’s Tom Yum with Mixed Seafood is mildly spicy and includes fish, shrimp, and squid for the seafood. I enjoyed this soup but it’s not for everyone. Some might find that the herbs used in this soup are too strong for their taste.

Jatujak, Tom Yum, Mix Seafood

Tom Yum with Mixed Seafood (P285, Large)

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