Felix in Greenbelt 5



Felix is one of the restaurants at the restaurant strip in Greenbelt 5. Sometime in February, I ate here with Ivan’s family in celebration of his birthday. Read on to see and read about our orders.

Felix Gen San

Felix Gen San (P325)

Gen San is the reason why I keep coming back to Felix. Gen San a devilishly spicy tuna with garden salad. The tuna is raw with some sauce and wasabi sprinkled with paprika. It has a spicy kick to it but I love it. The garden salad tastes so fresh. I just love everything in this dish.

Felix Chanos

Felix Chanos (P400)

Chanos is a grilled milkfish belly with prawn tomato salsa, served with white rice and taro leaves in coconut cream. This is one delicious dish as well. The milkfish is seasoned well. The tomato salsa is freshly made. The taro leaves with coconut cream tastes divine. 

Felix Feliciano

Felix Feliciano (P495)

Feliciano is Chef Florabel’s award winning adobo with kesong puti, garlic rice and tomato salad. This is not your usual adobo. The sauce is thick and on the sweet side. The kesong puti complements the rich sauce of the adobo.

Felix Floring

Felix Floring (P420)

Floring is a crispy pork belly with taro leaves in coconut cream, served with white rice. I don’t find anything special with this dish. It tastes good but I feel like It’s not worth the money.

Felix Pia

Felix Pia (P695)

Ahh, salmon. This is my order. Pia is a baked salmon with orzo pasta. I have no idea what orzo pasta was up until the time that I wrote this blog post. Apparently orzo is the Italian word for barley. The serving may look small but I got really full after eating this. The salmon is cooked really well. I love everything in this dish.

Felix St Pierre

Felix St. Pierre (425)

St. Pierre is a crispy John Dory with sea urchin sauce, served with potato purée. Ivan’s brother seemed to enjoy this dish so much that he ordered extra rice. As for me, I liked the potato purée in this dish.

Gen San and Pia

Pia and Gen San

On my plate is Gen San and Pia on the background.

Felix has become my favorite restaurant in Greenbelt 5. It’s on the pricey side but their food and service are exceptional.

Felix Restaurant Greenbelt 5
Legaspi St. Legaspi Village,
Ayala Center, Makati City, Philippines
(02) 729-9062


3 thoughts on “Felix in Greenbelt 5

  1. Catchy name for the milkfish dish since Chanos chanos is the scientific name for milkfish. Nice colors on thee Pia. Everything looks delicious!

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