Fab Food Finds Fridays: Chef Anton’s Roast Beef Sandwich

Chef Anton

I really miss buying my dinner at Mezza Norte. My coworkers and I would buy our dinner at Mezza Norte every week way back when they were still located in UP Technohub. So when a food event called Calle Comida was held at UP Technohub, we bought our food there every single day during the 4-day event.

Last Friday was the last day of Calle Comida. I was disappointed at some of the food stalls in Calle Comida. Some were not even worth the money that I paid for. I was looking for Juana Bowl and that dessert business that sells delectable Red Velvet Cake and Sansrival but they don’t have a stall during the event.

Chef Anton's Roast Beef

Chef Anton’s Roast Beef

I had a hard time choosing what food to buy during the last day of Calle Comida. See I didn’t want to buy something that I would regret buying. I want my last food purchase at Calle Comida to be a memorable one because who knows when there will be another food market in UP Technohub. I’m glad that my last food purchase in Calle Comida was so worth the money.

Chef Anton had two stalls at Calle Comida. One stall sold their Angus Beef Burger while the other sold Roast Beef and Roast Turkey only. I went round and round the tents. As I approach at Chef Anton’s Roast Beef stall, I can’t help but stare at that Roast Beef. I initially wanted to buy Chef Anton’s Angus Beef Burger (it only costs P120 from what I recall) but by the time I was ready to order, there were a lot of people ordering already. I opted to go to the other Chef Anton stall to finally buy their Roast Beef.

Chef Anton's Roast Beef Sandwich

Chef Anton’s Roast Beef Sandwich (P120)

Chef Anton’s Roast Beef Sandwich is so scrumptious that I simply couldn’t resist buying it. It’s a good thing that I bought their sandwich because it surpassed my high expectations.

The Roast Beef is layered on top of a bed of French baguette and chips. The beef is tender and full of flavor. They drizzle steak sauce and cheese sauce in the sandwich which brings out the flavor of the beef. The chips are made from homemade deep-fried potato chips. I love everything about this sandwich. They even have a generous serving of beef. Be warned though, this sandwich is messy to eat. I ate mine with the utensils that they gave me.

Chef Anton’s Roast Beef Sandwich is definitely a must try. Their Roast Beef Sandwich is very affordable and I’m sure you’ll get your money’s worth. If you love rice then try their Roast Beef with Unlimited Java Rice. Visit Chef Anton’s Facebook page to find out where you could catch them.


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