Classy Street Food at Café Breton UP TechnoHub

Café Breton UP TechnoHub

Café Breton UP TechnoHub

During one of our paydays, Dang and I wanted to eat something out of the ordinary for dinner. We were thinking what restaurant we haven’t tried in UP TechnoHub. Actually, we’ve tried every single restaurant, fast food, and convenience store in UP Technohub. Krisella (read her Cafe Breton review here) just ate at Café Breton the previous day so Dang and I ended up going to Café Breton. Interior 2 Every time I step inside Café Breton, I always feel like I’m in a foreign place. I love the interior design of Café Breton. It’s simple and cozy on the inside. You might be wondering what street food am I talking about since Café Breton’s menu consists mainly of dessert. Well, they have this hotdog sandwich that looked oh so scrumptious when I saw it on Krisella’s instagram feed.

Café Breton Sloppy Taco Dog

Café Breton Sloppy Taco Dog (P200)

I ordered Café Breton’s Sloppy Taco Dog upon Krisella’s recommendation. Do you see how classy this hotdog sandwich looks? I was surprised at this hotdog sandwich. It might seem like a regular hotdog sandwich topped with sauteed beef. But it’s not. The hotdog is of high quality. The hotdog is definitely not the sweet Filipino style hotdog nor is it the salty American style hotdog either. The hotdog is not too salty for my taste. I really wanted to ask them what brand of hotdog they used, but I didn’t.

Café Breton Sloppy Taco Dog

Café Breton Sloppy Taco Dog

What makes this hotdog taste so much better is the ground beef taco filling. The taco filling has a hint of spicy flavor. I like that they don’t scrimp on the fillings. Look at those beef, tomatoes, and cheese. This hotdog sandwich would be too sloppy to eat by hand so I suggest you eat it with a fork and knife.



Their coleslaw tastes freshly made and is perfect for cleansing your palate. I wish they added a bit more coleslaw since I love coleslaw. For dessert, we decided to order a “Make It Yourself” crepe. Did you know that in France, crepes are sold on the streets? These creperies sell crepes either for dine in or for take out purposes.

Café Breton Make Your Own Crepe

Café Breton Make It Yourself Crepe

We made a Strawberry crepe by adding the crepe (P45), strawberry preserve (P75), strawberry ice cream (P55), and whipped cream (P43). Our strawberry crepe costs only P218 compared to their Strawberry Short Crepe which costs P240.

Café Breton Strawberry Crepe

Café Breton Strawberry Crepe

I love strawberries and when it comes to dessert, I would always go for dessert that has strawberries. I really like that Café Breton don’t scrimp on the ingredients. There are enough strawberry preserve, whipped cream and ice cream in our crepe even though we just ordered a “Make It Yourself” crepe. The strawberries in the preserve are big. The strawberry preserve is not too sweet either but it has a little bit of sourness. The strawberry ice cream is very creamy and it’s not the sweet type of strawberry ice cream. I highly recommend making your own crepe if you want to save.

Overall, Café Breton is really a good choice if you’re looking to spend on food. Their food is not expensive though it’s not cheap either. I find that you get what you pay for in Café Breton. I highly recommend both the  Sloppy Taco Dog and the Strawberry Crepe.

Café Breton UP TechnoHub
G/F UP AyalaLand Technohub Diliman, Quezon City


4 thoughts on “Classy Street Food at Café Breton UP TechnoHub

  1. I super love Café Breton’s interior design too. It’s like you’re in Europe! Sloppy Taco Dog is really a must-try when dining there. Let’s try their cheeseburger too! heard it’s really good. Thanks for the link back! 🙂

  2. We’ve been dining at Cafe Breton several times already but we’ve never tried the Sloppy Taco Dog. Will definitely give it a try the next time we visit Cafe Breton. 🙂

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