Foods I Regret Buying Vol. I

Foods I Regret Buying

There are times when I totally regret buying a snack from the grocery or I regret ordering a dish from a restaurant. Bad tasting foods are totally unavoidable. Sometimes a dish looks appetizing but once you take a bite, you suddenly wish that you didn’t pick that dish from the menu just because it looks yummy. As the saying goes, “looks can be deceiving.”

Here are five foods that I totally regret buying. No, I’m not trashing the stores and restaurants that will be mentioned below so I’ll suggest food that I liked from their menu.

1. Family Mart’s Cookie Sandwich

Family Mart UP AyalaLand Technohub

Family Mart UP AyalaLand Technohub

Family Mark Choco Chip Cookie Sandwich

Family Mart Choco Chip Cookie Sandwich (P49)

The chocolate chip cookie crumbles easily. The filling has a gelatinous texture with a weird taste. The cookie itself is okay, but the filling tastes so gross that I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

Family Mark Black & White Cookie Sandwich

Family Mart Black & White Cookie Sandwich (P49)

This cookie sandwich tastes better. The cookie has white chocolate chips. The filling is made of white chocolate filling. My problem with this cookie sandwich is that it’s rock solid. It’s like you’re eating a rock.

Try: Maple Glazed Doughnut

2. Chuck’s Grub’s Fish Burger

Chuck's Grub Trinoma

Chuck’s Grub Trinoma

Chuck's Grub Fish Burger

Chuck’s Grub Fish Burger (P99)

I love Chuck’s Grub’s Fish and Chips so much that I featured it in one of my Fab Food Finds Fridays post, read about it here. I was craving for their fish and chips one day but I wanted to try something new off of their menu so I ordered their Fish Burger. Wrong move! The fish patty wasn’t good. I thought the patty is made of  Dory fish but it’s not. The patty in their menu sure looked delicious but this square fish patty is far from the one in their menu.

Try: Fish and Chips

3. Chef’s Noodle’s Haemul (Seafood) Pa Jun

Chef Noodles Haemul (Seafood) Pa Jun

Chef Noodles Haemul (Seafood) Pa Jun (P99)

I’ve reviewed Chef’s Noodles sometime in February, read review here. Chef’s Noodles’ Haemul Pajun  is very disappointing. It tastes very flour and bland. There aren’t enough seafood in this pancake as well. I guess I really got what I paid for.

Try: Bimbimbap

4. Mister Kabab’s Moutabal

Mister Kabab UP Technohub

Mister Kabab UP Technohub

Mister Kabab Moutabal

Mister Kabab Moutabal (P105)

I already posted a review about Mister Kabab’s Moutabal, read review here. Their moutabal tasted bland. I was looking for the smoky taste of the eggplant but this didn’t have that smoky taste.

Try: Shawarma Plate

5. Taste Nirvana’s Thai Tea

Taste Nirvana Thai Tea

Taste Nirvana Thai Tea (P70)

I just came from Thailand when I bought this canned Thai Tea drink in Mini Stop. I really wanted to like this tea but I didn’t like it at all. It tasted so sweet that I had to add water and lots of ice just so I could finish this big can.

Try: Mineshine Premium Milk Tea Drink (7-Eleven)

By listing these foods, I hope that I have informed you to stay as far away as possible from them. I’m not saying that you should skip the restaurant all together. Just don’t order the foods mentioned above.

14 thoughts on “Foods I Regret Buying Vol. I

  1. Hmmm…for #1, I only tried the chocolate chip cookie sandwich with a chocolate cream filling – ’twas too cloying; I didn’t expect the other variants to be like that too. Oh the other hand, IDK if it’s just me but I liked #5 a bit; they just have to tone down the sweetness (I add water to that so that the sweet taste isn’t overwhelming).

  2. There’s nothing that can disappoint me more than a bad resto. I feel you.This is a refreshing read. I always read good posts about food. 🙂 Anyway, you dropped by my blog, and your comment made me smile. Gotta do more finance posts then. Thanks! 🙂

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