Tea Time Tuesdays: Yogi Berry Detox

Yogi Berry Detox

Yogi Berry Detox (P259)

It’s Tea Time Tuesdays once again. This week I’ll be reviewing Yogi Berry Detox. If you’ve read my haul post yesterday, you’d recognize Yogi’s Berry Detox from my haul.

I’m not a big fan of cinnamon, both its smell and its taste. The first Yogi tea I bought is Yogi Peach Detox. If you haven’t read my review of Yogi Peach Detox, you could read it here. I mentioned in that post that the Peach Detox has a very strong cinnamon and ginger taste so I didn’t enjoy drinking it the first time. But I eventually got used to drinking Yogi Peach Detox.

Before I bought Yogi Berry Detox, I made sure that the tea that I’m buying doesn’t have cinnamon. I looked carefully at the list of herbs and ingredients in the box. Since Berry Detox doesn’t have cinnamon, I bought it.

Yogi Berry Detox Tea

Yogi Berry Detox Teabag

The ginger and fennel seed in this tea is very aromatic. The mixture of different berry flavors also gives this tea that sweet aroma.

Even though Yogi Berry Detox has ginger, it doesn’t have the pungent taste of ginger. I could taste the ginger but it’s not the first thing you’ll taste in this tea. It’s a bit harder to determine which ingredient stands out in this tea (especially since my taste buds are not trained in determining key ingredients) compared to the Yogi Peach Detox. This tea tastes herby but this is easier to stomach compared to Peach Detox. I could also taste a hint of sweetness brought about by the organic stevia leaf and the combination of different berry flavors in this tea.

Yogi Words of Wisdom in a Teabag

Words of Wisdom in a Teabag

I also like that Yogi Tea has this quotes in every teabag. Another tea company also does this but I just can’t remember what brand it was. I call it “words of wisdom in a teabag”.

Overall, I like Berry Detox way better than Peach Detox. It has a cleansing effect when taken regularly. I’d love to try more teas from Yogi Tea. Yogi Tea may not be your typical tea but they sure are good for you.

Healthy Options Trinoma
Level M3, EDSA corner North Avenue, Quezon City
(02) 943-1765

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