This is a guest post by Jane Acidre.

I was in food heaven last week as I luckily got an unexpected invitation from UP Economics Society. I was referred by a good friend who happens to own Edible Cravings (This food blog is superb by the way, bias-aside). Since she won’t be able to grace the event with her presence, I swooped in as her delighted proxy. So to give you a glimpse of our incredible experience that night… read on.

Foodgasm 4

The event entitled Foodgasm IV was held on March 8 at Mercato Centrale, The Fort. With 3 friends in tow, I got my taste buds bursting and the night ended with my tummy so full that I could literally pass out from an absolute “foodgasm”. Food entries were not served in an all-you-can-eat style since it was a competition but the ample serving certainly kept us wanting more.

Foodgasm 4 Jane's friends

The participants, all of which are upcoming players in the food business industry, included Cuptain Cakes, The Happy Monster, Ruby Red Kitchen, Babci Kuchnia, Chorizo De Cebu Philippines, Niku Niku, Mau’s Cupcake Café, Dolcelli Food Specialties, Country Fries, TeamJohnny, Cooking Ina’s Kitchen, Chef Francesca’s Cupcakes Couture, Modern Desserts, Bacon Bad, Buenavi Food & Beverage, and Enjoy Comfort Concoction.


To be honest, I have always thought of myself as an average food critic because I limit my opinion to “really good”, “good enough”, and “yuck”. I tried to kick it up a notch for this event though not just because thorough judgments are needed but also because some of the participants served recipes that were very hard not to compliment.

Take Niku Niku’s Crabstick for instance…

Niku Niku's Crabstick

The presentation was good and this, by far, is the best crabstick I’ve tasted. I don’t know if I have not munched on enough crabsticks in this lifetime but I surely recommend this one to everyone out there who would like an extraordinary crabstick experience. No wonder Niku Niku won the People’s Choice Award that night.

Hunger Buster’s Dying Burger

Hunger Buster’s Dying Burger

In appearance, the burger looks ordinary but wait ‘til it gets in your mouth. The burger patty was juicy and the taste really went well with the bacon and cheese. They could have used a softer bun but nonetheless, I rated it four out of five. Hunger Buster was awarded the Foodgasm IV Championship Award.

Red Kitchen’s Original Cinnamon Monkey Bread and Parmesan Herb Monkey Bread

Red Kitchen’s Original Cinnamon Monkey Bread and Parmesan Herb Monkey Bread

Both cinnamon and parmesan herb meshed well with the bread. I’m not exactly a fan of cinnamon but I definitely enjoyed this. Had I been not so busy tasting the rest of the participants’ food entries, I would have gone back and bought some so I could take the experience with me. I was really glad that Red Kitchen took home the Expert’s Choice award.

Country Fries’ Japanese Okonomiyaki

Country Fries’ Japanese Okonomiyaki

Country Fries bagged the Most Innovative Award. I won’t disagree because the recipe was indeed unique. The fries were cooked just right and I must say, the addition of nori on top made me give it a thumb’s up.

The rest of the contestants made their marks too like Buenavi’s Pescado Gourmet Tuyo, Chorizo De Cebu’s Chorizo, and Chili Chili’s Original Chili and Bite the Bullet Chili Nachos. Babci Kuchnia’s Polish Pierogi was one of a kind. It looked pretty much like an ordinary dumpling to me but right when I took the first bite, I couldn’t pick the best word to describe it because all I know is that it is insanely luscious.


For the desserts, both Cuptain Cake’s Black Sesame Cupcakes and Happy Monster’s Elvis Pie did a good job in bringing in the sweets to the competition. Same goes with Pastillas Flan, Chef Francesca’s Cupcake Couture’s Oreo Whoopie Cupcakes, Cooking Ina’s Rumballs, and Mau Cupcakes Café Yema Filled Crinkle Sandwich. I did not particularly enjoy Breaking Bad’s Bacon Cookies. The presentation was not appeticing at all and the cookie itself seemed ordinary. After consuming the cookie all I could think of was “Where’s the bacon?”. I commend Cheecups for a well-presented food entry. However, their cheesecake had a usual taste and it did not blend well with the rest of the ingredients. I am a self-confessed cheesecake addict so I guess I kind of expected much from it.


013 014

My friends and I talked about the event all night and even had a “foodgasm” hangover the next day. Congratulations to UP Economics Society and to the rest of the team for holding such a great event. Thank you so much for having me invited as a blogger-judge and for all the freebies. I’ll be looking forward to more “Foodgasm” experience and may the next one be as fantastic as this.

Left the event with just two words: EXTREMELY SATISFIED!



5 thoughts on “FOODGASM IV – CRAVING 4 MORE

  1. Nice post about the Foodgasm IV event and participants. It’s very comprehensive and even has advertisements at the end. Hehehe. I haven’t tried bacon cookies but I’ve tried bacon ice cream before and I also wondered where the bacon flavor was. I don’t know if that’s how bacon-flavored food are supposed to taste but I was disappointed. I love crabs and I would’ve loved tasting the People’s choice! 🙂

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