Foods I Regret Buying Vol. I

Foods I Regret Buying

There are times when I totally regret buying a snack from the grocery or I regret ordering a dish from a restaurant. Bad tasting foods are totally unavoidable. Sometimes a dish looks appetizing but once you take a bite, you suddenly wish that you didn’t pick that dish from the menu just because it looks yummy. As the saying goes, “looks can be deceiving.”

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Mister Donut Megamall Gets A New Look

Mister Donut Cafe Megamall

Mister Donut Cafe Megamall

Mister Donut Philippines is starting to realign with the look and feel of Mister Donut in other Asian countries. Mister Donut’s branch in Megamall now has a Japanese look from the outside. On the inside Mister Donut has a comfortable yet playful look to it. They call the newly renovated Mister Donut as Mister Donut Cafe.

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Cambodian Soup Restaurant in Pub Street

Cambodian Soup Restaurant

In January, my friends went on a trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia to visit one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Angkor Wat. We had no idea what Cambodian cuisine was and we had a bad first meal in Cambodia. So when we were looking for a place to eat for dinner, we carefully searched for a restaurant that seemed decent. We ended up eating at Cambodian Soup Restaurant.

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Brownie Brittle Battle: Sheila G’s vs. Brownies Unlimited vs. Mister Donut

Our department just transferred to another building in UP Technohub. We’re now too far from the restaurants and convenience stores in Technohub. Good thing there’s a 7-Eleven in Central Ave. During one of our trips to 7-Eleven, Krisella spotted Mister Donut Brownie Brittle so I bought a pack to try and review. Then I had this idea of doing a “battle of brownie brittle” between Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle, Brownies Unlimited Brownie Chips, and Mister Donut’s Brownie Brittle. Read on to find out which one is the best.

Brownie Brittle Battle

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This is a guest post by Jane Acidre.

I was in food heaven last week as I luckily got an unexpected invitation from UP Economics Society. I was referred by a good friend who happens to own Edible Cravings (This food blog is superb by the way, bias-aside). Since she won’t be able to grace the event with her presence, I swooped in as her delighted proxy. So to give you a glimpse of our incredible experience that night… read on.

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