Fab Food Finds Fridays: The Snack Shack Burger

Snack Shack UP Diliman

Snack Shack UP Diliman

The first time I heard about Snack Shack (I actually read about them) was through Spot’s Top 10 Everything Food Lists 2014. Snack Shack is featured in Spot’s book as the top in  “Top 10 Burgers under P100.”

My friends at the office have already tried Snack Shack’s burger. Unfortunately, I wasn’t at the office during the time they ordered. Last Thursday I persuaded my friends who haven’t tried Snack Shack for us to go to UP to buy burger.

Snack Shack UP Diliman Closes at 7:30PM

Snack Shack UP Diliman Closes at 7:30PM

Sadly the Snack Shack was already closed by the time we got there. We didn’t know that the UP branch closes at 7:30. We got there by 7:35, so close! I wanted to beg for them to sell us burgers but I didn’t.

The next time we got there, we made sure that we’re within the operating hours. My friend Krisella ordered the Quarter Pounder with Cheese while I ordered the Half-Pounder with Double Cheese, I was that hungry. We waited for a good 20-30 minutes. I realized that we should have placed our order prior to going there so that by the time we arrived at the Snack Shack, we’ll just pick up our burgers.

While waiting for our burgers, I thought that this burger should better be worth all the trouble. You see, the first time we got there it was closed. The second time we got there the wait time is 20-30 minutes. Anyway, when we got our burgers we immediately met our friends since they were already waiting for us for around 15 minutes.

Snack Shack Half-Pounder with Double Cheese

Snack Shack Half-Pounder with Double Cheese (P135)

When we arrived at the office, the first time I did was to take pictures of my burger. I took around five pictures before I gave in and took that very first bite. I really wanted to take more pictures but I just couldn’t resist this half-pounder burger mocking me to be eaten as I look at it from my camera’s screen. I took bite after bite after bite before I stopped and took the last few pictures for blogging purposes.

My Half-Pounder with 3 bites

My Half-Pounder with 3 bites

Spot is not kidding when they ranked Snack Shack as the top burger under P100. What I like about their burger is that the patty is so tender and juicy. They use mustard instead of the usual mayonnaise and catsup which in my opinion works pretty damn well. They don’t scrimp on the veggies as well. They put lettuce, tomato, and white onions in the burger.

snack shack burger

Snack Shack’s burger is so damn good that I’m already craving for it. Next week I’m planning on going there again to have a taste of their delicious burger. If you’re in the UP area you should definitely try their burger.

Snack Shack UP Area 2 is located at the corner of J.P. Laurel and Roces St. near University Shopping Center. They also have a branch in Sikatuna Village.

Snack Shack UP Campus Area 2
Roces st. corner J.P. Laurel st.
(0915) 259-9495


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