Budget Friendly Meals at Chef’s Noodle

Ivan and Regina at Chef's Noodle SM North Edsa

My boyfriend and I at Chef’s Noodle SM North Edsa

Sometime last January, Ivan and I had lunch at Chef’s Noodle in The Block SM North Edsa. He was craving for Korean food so I told him that he should try Chef’s Noodle since I liked their affordable Bibimbap (only P99 with iced tea!)

Their dishes are very affordable so we each ordered two dishes to try. Ivan ordered Kimari Twigim for his appetizer. Kimari Twigim is a deep-fried seaweed roll with japchae noodles. It tasted really good though it’s very oily so be warned. We were able to finish this one.

Chef's Noodle's Kimari Twigim

Chef’s Noodle’s Kimari Twigim (P99)

For my appetizer, I ordered Haemul (Seafood) Pa Jun. I’ve had so many good Korean seafood pancakes so I got excited to see Haemul Pa Jun in Chef’s Noodle’s menu. I was disappointed. Chef’s Noodle’s  version of Haemul Pa Jun is bland. The pancake tasted floury. I guess you do get what you pay for. The Haemul Pa Jun that I remember has this sauce made from soy sauce which makes the dish taste even better. The sauce included in their Haemul Pa Jun is just like catsup. Since this was our least favorite dish, we didn’t get to finish this so I had it to go.

Chef's Noodle's Haemul (Seafood) Pa Jun

Chef’s Noodle’s Haemul (Seafood) Pa Jun (P99)

For my main dish, I ordered Chef’s Noodle. This noodle soup costs P150 but this is already good for two people. I liked that it has so many toppings to it aside from the big serving of noodles. Toppings for this noodle dish include leeks, bean sprouts, fried tofu, spring onion, red pepper, egg roll, and bulgogi. I was disappointed though with the serving of beef bulgogi. I think I didn’t get even a spoonful of beef bulgogi from my order. As for the taste, it was ok. The broth is made from beef and anchovy with a hint of spicy flavor to it. I wasn’t able to finish this since it’s really good for two people. I had the left over to go.

Chef's Noodle's Chef's Noodle

Chef’s Noodle’s Chef’s Noodle (P150)

For Ivan’s main dish, he ordered Bibim Noodles. This is the best dish from all the dishes that we ordered. It’s quite spicy which is a plus since Ivan like them spicy foods.

Chef's Noodle's Bibim Noodles

Chef’s Noodle’s Bibim Noodles (P130)

I myself can’t stop eating this dish. It has the right ratio of noodles to toppings. Toppings in this dish include beef bulgogi, tamale, bean sprouts, and kutchai. I highly recommend this dish.

Mixed Bibim Noodles

Mixed Bibim Noodles

Overall, Chef’s Noodle’s dishes are budget friendly. For P99, you’d be able to get yourself a decent meal at Chef’s Noodle.

Chef’s Noodle SM City North EDSA
G/F The Block SM City North EDSA, Hypermarket, North Ave cor EDSA
Sto. Cristo, Quezon City


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