Tea Time Tuesdays: Thai Iced Tea


I was in Bangkok, Thailand two weeks ago for three days. As a tea lover, I promised myself that I would drink “cha-yen” commonly known as Thai iced tea or Thai milk tea everyday that I am in there. I was there for three full days and I did fulfill my promise.


I had my very first Thai iced tea after touring Wat Arun. Here is a Thai lady making my Thai iced tea. Every Thai iced tea vendor is using Carnation. But it’s not the usual Carnation evaporated or condensed milk. If you look closely at the photo above, The Carnation can says Extra. So I consulted trusty ‘ol Google to find out what type of Carnation milk they used. Apparently they used low-fat creamer called Carnation Extra.

Day 1 Tea

Here is my very first Thai iced tea. This costs 40THB. It tasted really good and very refreshing as well. I was quite happy that I’m actually sipping Thai iced tea in Thailand. It’s cheap too! It only costs around P60 for that large cup. When you buy Thai iced tea from restaurants in Manila you’d pay P70 above.


For our second day in Thailand, we went to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. We rented a boat to experience haggling and bargaining for goods while riding a boat. We didn’t really buy a lot of stuff in the floating market since the goods sold there are overpriced. We did eat Pad Thai and Fried Spring Rolls while riding the boat. After touring the floating market, my friend bought Thai iced tea for us to share. Here are two men making us Thai iced tea.


That big container says Ceylon tea which is the tea used to create cha-yen. Though some vendors use plain black tea instead of Ceylon black tea.

Day 2.1 Tea

Our Thai iced tea is served. This large cup of Thai iced tea costs 40THB as well. This Thai iced tea is the sweetest that we’ve ordered. I guess we should’ve instructed the vendor to put less sugar. But since there are lots of ice, the sweetness fades gradually as the ice melts.


Here is me and my friend Jasmin all happy with the Thai iced tea.

Day 2.2 Tea

Since our floating market tour is only a half-day tour. We went to MBK Mall to do a little bit of shopping. I took one mall guide, flipped through its pages, and found out that foreigners get to have free Thai iced tea welcome drink. Who wouldn’t love to get free stuff? So we headed over to their food court and claimed our free Thai iced tea. I didn’t get to take some pictures of the bar tender while he was making the tea but here is my Thai iced tea.

Day 3 Tea

For our last day in Thailand, I had another Thai iced tea with my dinner. This is the cheapest of the four Thai iced tea that we ordered. It only costs 20THB for the same large cup. I had mine with no sugar so it’s not sweet, just milky and creamy.

I’ll definitely go back to Thailand for more of their Thai iced tea. Maybe I’ll learn how to make Thai iced tea at home. That would be way cheaper than flying to Thailand for their iced tea.

8 thoughts on “Tea Time Tuesdays: Thai Iced Tea

  1. Yehey! Finally, you made it! I didn’t get to try Thai Iced Tea while I was there though. I was always in the mood for Tom Yum and I always ask not to make it too spicy. Hahaha. And kumusta naman ang communication sa Thailand? Na hirapan ako!

    • Hi Audrey! Love how cheap most of the foods are! Unfortunately I didn’t get to try Tom Yum while there. But we did order Pad Thai every chance we get 😉 Had a hard time ordering at one of the restaurants too.

  2. Hi Reg, I dont know if i’m right but you prolly got confused with Ceylon and Black Tea. If my knowledge serves me right, Black tea is the type of tea, then Ceylon is under tea varieties with (Darjeeling, Assam and Tibeti etc) and Chai, English Breakfast and Earl Grey are under the blends. 🙂 Gets mo ba? Hihi. I always read your posts, keep them coming Reg!

    • Hi Astrud! I do know what you mean. Actually I should’ve said Ceylon Black Tea since Ceylon is one the many variants of black tea. I have edited that part to avoid confusion. I just stated that the tea used was Ceylon since Ceylon is one of the many varieties of black tea that is good with milk but it is more expensive compared to plain black tea(the unblended and unflavored type.)

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  4. I went to Thailand last month and like you, I also have my serving of Thai Iced Tea with Milk every single day. 😀 In Bangkok, it is everywhere. Costs 25B from the street vendors. But never disappoints me 🙂 It is indeed expensive at some places like island resorts where I ordered my Thai drink that costed 90B. Next month, I’ll be back in Thailand again and can’t wait to have that authentic Thai Milk Tea

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