Fab Food Finds Fridays: 48-Peso Dim Sum at Causeway 2 Banawe

Causeway 2 Banawe

Causeway 2 Banawe
(image grabbed from Causeway’s Facebook Page

Happy Chinese New Year! Since Chinese New Year fell on a Friday, I will be featuring a dim sum restaurant for this week’s Fab Food Finds Fridays post. Ever since I tried Causeway dim sum, I keep on craving for their dim sum. I’ve tried eating at two different branches so far. One in Congressional Ave. and the other in Banawe. All instances that I ate in Causeway, we made sure that we’re within the discounted 48-Peso dim sum.

Even though Causeway has multiple branches, I find that I keep on eating at their Banawe branch since my Congressional Ave. branch dim sum experience wasn’t quite as good as the one in Banawe. The dim sum in Congressional Ave. tasted old unlike the dim sum in Banawe that tasted fresh even though we only eat there after work around 10:30pm.

Causeway Tea

Causeway Tea

Just like most dim sum restaurants, Causeway is very generous when it comes to tea. They will give you a teapot that you could have refilled once your group finished all the contents of the teapot.

Cuaseway Beancurd Roll

Cuaseway Beancurd Roll

One of the things that I order in Causeway is Beancurd Roll. It is one of my favorites in Causeway. It’s very tasty. It’s hard to describe the taste of this dim sum. I suggest that you try this if you’re the type of person who loves to eat vegetables, this dim sum has lots of vegetables. This leans more on the healthy side of the dim sum variety.

Causeway Spareribs with Tausi

Causeway Spareribs with Tausi

Another dim sum that I like to order is their Spareribs with Tausi. This dim sum is also quite tasty. I like this one but I only order this once in a while since the pork is full of fats. It’s still good despite of the fats but I tend to shy away from this since I’m trying to eat healthy foods. If you’re unlucky, you’ll get the spareribs with lots of bones instead of meat.

Causeway Shark Fin

Causeway Shark Fin

My most favorite dim sum in Causeway is Shark Fin. Just like the two dim sum that I mentioned above, this is also tasty. This beats Causeway’s Siomai in my opinion. I think the mushroom in this dumpling makes it the winning factor for this dim sum. This is a must try dim sum in Causeway.

Causeway dim sum offers discounted dim sum in their branches. You should check out Causeway’s Facebook page to find out the times that they offer their promo for each branch. For Causeway Banawe, their promo is from 9:00PM to 12:00AM but they usually have their last order around 11:45PM.

Causeway Banawe
883 Banawe St
St. Peter, Quezon City
(02) 410-8690


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