One of a Kind Kulinarya Experience at Robinsons Manila

A couple of weeks I was browsing at different group-buying sites for places to eat at around Manila that wouldn’t be too harsh on my budget. I stumbled upon Kulinarya Experience and immediately bought two vouchers for me and my boyfriend. I chose Robinsons Place Manila since it’s more convenient for us to go their.

We availed it one Saturday for our lunch date since I was saving for my week-long Bangkok-Cambodia-Vietnam trip. Looking at the menu, it was a bit hard order since I wanted to try a lot from their menu.

For starters, we ordered Seafood Salad Maki. This maki is made of shrimp and crabstick rolled in nori, breaded then deep-fried. The Seafood Salad Maki tasted good. I liked mixing wasabi vinaigrette, soy sauce reduction, and mango coulis when dipping the maki. I find that the three sauces blend perfectly well with the Seafood Salad Maki. Even though this maki has shrimp, this maki didn’t trigger my allergy to shrimp. The only draw back to this dish is this maki crumbles easily.

Kulinarya Experience, Seafood Salad Maki

Kulinarya Experience Seafood Salad Maki (P220)

My boyfriend ordered Seafood Marinara. I only had a bite of this dish since it has shrimp. I liked the sauce. It’s sour but not too sour for my liking. My boyfriend loved his pasta and devoured it in less than ten minutes.

Kulinarya Experience, Seafood Marinara

Kulinarya Experience Seafood Marinara (P130)

I ordered US Top Blade Steak with Red Wine Sauce as my entr√©e since I was craving for steak. I prefer my steak to be cooked medium rare since I like my steak to be tender and juicy. The steak was seasoned well and it was tender just the way I like it. I also liked the red wine sauce that it came with. But the mashed potato is the one that stood out the most in this dish. The mashed potato didn’t have any lumps to it. I can taste the broth that it was cooked in and the butter as well. Even my boyfriend couldn’t stop eating my mashed potato.

Kulinarya Experience, US Top Blade Steak with Red Wine Sauce

Kulinarya Experience US Top Blade Steak with Red Wine Sauce (P250)

Overall, I really liked our dining experience at Kulinarya Experience. I want to try their Nachos next time, it looked really inviting in the menu.

Kulinarya Experience Robinsons Place Manila
Robinson Place Manila, Midtown Wing,
Adriatico St. Ermita, Manila
(02) 567-2562


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