Fab Food Finds Fridays: Serenitea’s Thai Pepper Chicken Chop

Serenitea New Snacks

(image grabbed from Serenitea’s Facebook page)

Serenitea recently launched new snacks which got me so excited since I love their Chicken Chop and Pepper Tofu.

The new snacks include:

Chicken Chop: Western, Formosa, Thai Pepper
Chicken Wings: Mexican Spice, Oriental Spice, Italian Spice
Corn Sticks: Cheese, Curry, Wasabi

The new snacks are available at some of the branches only. My boyfriend and I went to Robinsons Place Manila to check out their menu since they’re one of the branches that will be selling the new snacks. I got disappointed when I didn’t see anything new on their menu. Good thing I asked the cashier if they already have the new snacks and they do have them.

I ordered Thai Pepper Chicken Chop because my boyfriend and I love spicy foods. The Thai Pepper Chicken Chop looked appetizing when we first saw it. We started munching on it right away since we were so hungry that time.

Thai Pepper Chicken Chop in Captain Pepper

Thai Pepper Chicken Chop in Captain Pepper

It was love at first bite. I love everything about it. It has a citrusy taste with a kick of spiciness to it. It is sprinkled with lots of chopped chili and lots of chopped herbs like basil. It definitely tasted like Thai food to me.

Serenitea, Thai Pepper Chicken Chop

Serenitea Thai Pepper Chicken Chop (P120)

I find that I do get cravings for this Thai Pepper Chicken Chop. If most of the Serenitea branches have them, like the one in SM North Edsa, I’d probably order this every other day. By the way, Serenitea is offering a 10% discount when you buy their new snacks from participating branches. So hurry and head to the nearest Serenitea branch since their promo lasts until the end of January.

One thought on “Fab Food Finds Fridays: Serenitea’s Thai Pepper Chicken Chop

  1. It’s better with rice I think! Haha! I wanna try their other snack treats! I prefer Serenitea when it comes to tea. There are a lot of tea house right now but most of them are too fancy with their drinks.

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