Red Velvet Brownie: One of the New Flavors of Brownies Unlimited

Brownies Unlmited Pre-assorted Box of 6

Brownies Unlmited Pre-assorted Box of 6 (P120)

Brownies Unlimited recently released new brownie flavors so I decided to buy a pre-assorted box of 6 which costs P120. The pre-assorted box of 6 costs more than the usual box of 6 brownies because of the new flavors. The new flavors from Brownies Unlimited include: Mississippi, Walnut Swirl, Sunburst, Red Velvet, S’mores, and Choc O’ Malt.

Brownies Unlimited Mississippi, Walnut Swirl, Sunburst  Red Velvet, S'mores, Choc O' Malt

Top: Mississippi, Walnut Swirl, Sunburst
Bottom: Red Velvet, S’mores, Choc O’ Malt

I shared the box of 6 with my friends so I have many people to help me with tasting and judging the new brownie flavors.

The Sunburst brownie has coffee swirl on top. The coffee taste doesn’t linger but it’s enough to awaken the senses.

The S’mores brownie tastes good as well. I liked this since I’m a big fan of S’mores.

The Choc O’ Malt brownie is just an just an ordinary brownie with the malt ball on top.

Brownies Unlimited 3

The Mississippi brownie is one of the better tasting brownie from the pre-assorted box. Inspired by the Mud Pie desert, this brownie is topped with marshmallow fluff and dark chocolate.

My favorite from the pre-assorted brownie box is Walnut Swirl. It has a generous serving of walnuts and the brownie is very moist as well due to the frosting in between the walnuts.

The Red Velvet brownie is the brownie that we’re most excited to try. Since we’ve never seen a Red Velvet brownie before, we saved this to be tasted last. The Red Velvet brownie is not the usual Red Velvet cupcake and brownie. This Red Velvet brownie is like half Red Velvet cupcake and half brownie mixed together to create a Red Velvet brownie. Even though this brownie is on the dry side, I’m not complaining due to the tasty cream cheese on top of this brownie. This brownie is perfect for people who doesn’t like brownies that are too sweet.

Good job Brownies Unlimited for creating new flavors that would entice people with sweet tooth to go back to eating brownies. If you’re planning to try the new flavors of Brownies Unlimited, I highly recommend Walnut Swirl, Mississippi, and Red Velvet.

Brownies Unlimited is available in most malls around Metro Manila. Visit Brownies Unlimited’s Facebook page to view a list of their kiosk, cart, and cafe locations.


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