Christmas Lunch at Jatujak Thai Restaurant, SM Mall of Asia

After hearing mass at Shrine of Jesus on Christmas day, my family and I headed over to SM Mall of Asia to eat lunch. Since we didn’t want to eat at another Filipino restaurant, we decided to eat at Jatujak Thai Restaurant.

We ordered Tom Yum with Mixed Seafood for our soup. I like describing Tom Yum soup as a Thai version of Sinigang since both dishes are sour. Jatujak’s Tom Yum with Mixed Seafood is mildly spicy and includes fish, shrimp, and squid for the seafood. I enjoyed this soup but it’s not for everyone. Some might find that the herbs used in this soup are too strong for their taste.

Jatujak, Tom Yum, Mix Seafood

Tom Yum with Mixed Seafood (P285, Large)

We also ordered Pork Poh Pia, which is fried spring rolls with glass noodles, minced pork, and mushroom. I like this spring roll especially when dipped in the sweet and sour sauce. I would love to try their fresh vegetarian spring roll as well.

Jatujak Poh Pia Pork

Pork Poh Pia (P145)

Out of all the dishes we ordered, Chicken Pad Thai was our favorite. Jatujak’s Chicken Pad Thai has firm noodles topped with generous amounts of tofu and chicken. The sauce has the right amount of sourness with a hint of sweetness to it. We loved Jatujak’s Chicken Pad Thai so much that when we were about to finish our first order, we ordered another one.

Jatujak, Chicken Pad Thai

Chicken Pad Thai (P183)

Since we were feeling a bit festive on Christmas day, we also ordered Crispy Pata. We were surprised when the Crispy Pata and the Red Curry Sauce arrived. The curry sauce is more of an orange than red and has a very mild taste to it unlike other curry sauces that are overwhelming. The curry sauce  has eggplant and Chinese cabbage so it looked just like Kare-Kare. The Crispy Pata tasted how a Crispy Pata should taste like. I still like my Crispy Pata dipped in calamansi and soy sauce.

Jatujak, Crispy Pata, Red Curry Sauce

Crispy Pata in Red Curry Sauce (P550)

Jatujak, Red Curry Sauce, Crispy Pata

Red Curry Sauce for Crispy Pata

The Crab Rice is kind of like an upgraded version of the usual garlic rice with lots of shredded crab meat. The pork in the Pork Rice is a very tasty version of Lechon Kawali. I like both of the rice but I liked the Crab Rice more since I love crabs.

Jatujak, Crab Rice

Crab Rice (P188)

Jatujak, Pork Rice

Pork Rice (P170)

Jatujak Thai Restaurant SM Mall of Asia
2/F Unit 237 SM Mall of Asia, Entertainment Mall, Seaside Blvd
Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay
(02) 556-0850


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