Anniversary Lunch at Tokyo Bubble Tea

Tokyo Bubble Tea, Trinoma, Kani Salad, Takoyaki, Dynamite Roll, Tori Katsu Miso, Salmon Sashimi

My boyfriend and I celebrated our Third Anniversary last December 17, 2013. For our anniversary we wanted to eat Japanese food so we decided to have our late lunch in Tokyo Bubble Tea Trinoma. It was my first time trying out food from their menu. I’ve tried only their milktea since I was skeptical before to try their food. I wasn’t sure how big their plating was so I always shied away from their food selection.

Now I know that they have good food selection aside from their good milktea selection.

More about our Tokyo Bubble Tea experience after the jump.

We ordered five dishes that day since we were feeling a little festive. For starters, we ordered Kani Salad and Takoyaki. I loved the Kani Salad. I love that the mango used is sweet and the cream used is really tasteful as well. I wasn’t expecting a big serving of Kani Salad, but I was surprised that it was bigger than expected.


Kani Salad (P135)

The takoyaki was a disappointment. At P175, I expected it to be bigger. I would’ve liked for my takoyaki to be steaming hot when I eat it but I guess they waited too long to serve the takoyaki that when we finally ate it, it’s not hot anymore.


Takoyaki  (P175)

Tokyo Bubble Tea’s Dynamite Roll is very generous with the tuna, but I’ve tasted better Dynamite Roll. I usually devour a piece of sushi in one bite. Sometimes I bite the sushi if it’s too big for my mouth, as is the case for this Dynamite Roll. The good thing is when you take a bite at their Dynamite Roll, there will still be enough tuna for your next bite unlike other sushi rolls that are scrimping on the ingredients. I think I would enjoy this sushi more if it’s spicier than it actually was because that’s what dynamite is supposed to do. It should make your mouth feel so hot that you feel like something just exploded in your mouth.

Dynamite_RollDynamite Roll (P295)

Tori Katsu Miso is the dish that I didn’t like the most. I got excited when my boyfriend ordered this dish because I really love miso soup. This dish is so salty that I could not bear eating it. I also didn’t like the pork breading which made the miso taste different. My boyfriend finished it nevertheless.


Tori Katsu Miso  (P215)

Dining at a Japanese restaurant wouldn’t be complete without a Salmon Sashimi. I love Salmon Sashimi. I love how it melts in your mouth. They have a pretty generous serving of Salmon Sashimi at Tokyo Bubble Tea. Most restaurants would only serve 4-6 pieces. But at Tokyo Bubblee Tea, you get 9 pieces of Salmon Sashimi! At P190, that’s a really good deal! My only comment is that they didn’t slice the salmon evenly.

Salmon_SashimiSalmon Sashimi (P190)

When all five dishes arrived, I didn’t think that we would be able to finish all those food. But since I’m the type of person who doesn’t like wasting food, we ate everything. Even though I didn’t like everything that we ordered, I’d still go back and  eat again at Tokyo Bubble Tea. They have a wide selection of dishes to try, and I can’t wait to discover which dishes are a must try at Tokyo Bubble Tea.

Tokyo Bubble Tea Trinoma
2/F Trinoma Mall, North Ave
Sto. Cristo, Quezon City


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