Fab Food Finds Fridays: Chuck’s Grub Dory and Chips

Welcome to the very first Fab Food Finds Fridays post. Fab Food Finds Fridays will be a series of posts every Friday that focus on the foods that I enjoyed the most from a restaurant, food stall, or even the groceries section.

Today’s Fab Food Find is from Chuck’s Grub. I’ve been seeing Chuck’s Grub in different group buying sites since last year. But I only bought Chuck’s Grub vouchers this October from Deal Grocer. I don’t know what triggered me to buy Chuck’s Grub vouchers but I’m glad that I did.

Chuck's Grub, Dory and Chips, SM Mall of Asia, fish and chips, foodie, edible cravings

Dory & Chips (P140, Regular)

Last week I went to Chuck’s Grub in SM Mall of Asia to satiate my craving for their fish and chips. I ordered a regular sized Dory & Chips with garlic mayo on the side. I really love the soft texture of Dory that’s why I went for Dory & Chips. Their beer battered Dory is very well seasoned, not too salty and not too bland.  You know that their chips are made from real potatoes since their chips consist of fried unpeeled potatoes.

A regular sized fish & chips includes 2 pieces of the fish of your choice, chips, and a lemon wedge. You also get one dip from their three dips: vinegar, garlic mayo, and tartare. Among their three dips, my favorite is garlic mayo.

Chuck’s Grub fish and chips are definitely a must try. Once you’ve tried their fish and chips, you’ll definitely be craving for it.

Chuck’s Grub SM Mall of Asia
G/F SM Mall of Asia, Seaside Blvd
Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay
(02) 219-1758

This is not a sponsored post.


6 thoughts on “Fab Food Finds Fridays: Chuck’s Grub Dory and Chips

  1. It would be better if there are more fish than the chips.. Hehe.. I also love their choices of dips 🙂 Unfortunatley, it’s not free of charge if you ask for another one.

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  4. I always see this in Trinoma but always after I have bought something else already! I’ll definitely try this but not their fish burgers, thanks to your reviews!

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